Patients can view their muscles’ performance on a screen.

The Real-Time Biofeedback Ultrasound Imaging Scanner, used in conjunction with the Core Stability Back program, is an invaluable teaching tool and produces lasting results.
The ultrasound scanner is a diagnostic ultrasound machine that allows patients and therapists to accurately view the muscles’ performance on a screen whilst the muscles are actually working.
Actually seeing the muscles as they contract and feeling the sensation of a correct contraction technique is a powerful form of feedback and can speed up patients’ rehabilitation. The visual feedback not only permits specific retraining of these muscles of core stability, but enables therapists to measure and monitor muscle activation safely throughout the reactivation process.
This may also allow the physiotherapist to quantify the degree of stabilising muscle dysfunction and may provide an insight into the severity of the condition through the degree of inhibition of the muscles.

Some therapists attempt to teach the back re-training program manually and without the aid of a biofeedback ultrasound scanner. Coolangatta Physiotherapy has found that without the two combined, the program is more time consuming for patients and leaves room for error in activating the correct muscles required. This exercise program is specific and an accurate assessment with manual palpation alone is very difficult because the stabilising muscles are very deep. There can be no room for error in the timing and strength of the contraction of the muscles required to be activated.

If the lumbar stabilising muscles are not effectively retrained, this leads to ongoing or recurrent lumbar spine pain following the completion of the treatment.

There is no additional charge for this service.